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Transportation of goods is a vital aspect of business for many companies in Dubai. They export and import goods for processing or distribution. To assist them, HLOG has developed a logistics service specifically designed to transport cargo to and from Dubai. With international expertise and decades of experience in freight and logistics, we position ourselves as a major player that businesses can benefit from.

Air freight

Air freight is the fastest way to move cargo locally and globally. In particular, it meets the needs of industries with tight, time-sensitive deadlines. Whether you’re looking for a next-day flight to expedite a cargo to the other side of the world or a recurring shipping solution, HLOG can help you.

Organizing national and international air freight shipments is one of the key services we’ve been providing for decades. Our team of logistics experts works with each client to design the most appropriate air solution on a project-by-project basis. All aspects of routing, compliance and administrative procedures are addressed by our transportation specialists to help you in the best possible way. We work with reputable air freight carriers to provide you with a comprehensive service. Our international network covers more than 100 countries, ensuring that you will always find a suitable and affordable transportation option for your cargo project.

Ocean freight

Transporting cargo by ship is very efficient for international shipments. For the same distance, it produces less pollution than air freight and costs less. At HLOG, we offer Dubai-based companies wishing to ship goods abroad the opportunity to benefit from high quality logistics support. We offer customized solutions adapted to each business sector and to the needs of professionals (in terms of quantity of goods to be shipped by ocean, deadlines…).

By placing your trust in HLOG, you also benefit from an impeccable customer experience throughout the transportation of your cargo. You will have a team of experts at your service, and a reliable tracking technology to know where your cargo is in real time.

Land transportation

Do you have a shipment of goods to send to your distribution points within the UAE or to local retail customers ? Overland transportation is the way to go. At HLOG, our over-the-road logistics solutions combine flexibility, accessibility and adaptability. Our overland network in Dubai and surrounding areas can adapt to your internal delivery requirements and schedules. Our services are designed to be as affordable as possible, without compromising on the quality of our support.

For last minute requirements, you can also take advantage of HLOG’s express overland service. Our experience in managing mission-critical operations allows us to handle these types of projects without any risk.

How does a logistics service work?

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3. Set up

4. Moving

Cargo consolidation

You don’t have to pay to book a full container if your cargo won’t fill it. HLOG offers an economical and flexible logistics solution to move your small goods without breaking the bank : freight consolidation. It consists of combining your products with those of other customers, thus pooling shipping costs. We have been working for many years with carriers who regularly consolidate cargo to different parts of the world. We take care of filling out the necessary documents, booking your shipping space, and handling the administrative and physical follow-up of the goods.

The carriers we’ve been working with for many years are some of the best in the business for LCL (less-than-container load). Whether you’re exporting goods or organizing the back shipment of some of your products returned by customers, we’re here to help you find the best logistical formula.

Cargo storage space

Do you need secure storage to hold some goods for a period of time before shipping ? Or would you like to centralize your incoming raw materials in a warehouse in order to better coordinate their shipment to your distribution sites? HLOG has its own storage facilities that we can make available to you. Our international expertise and many years of experience in logistics management enable us to understand and respond to the storage needs of any company.

When you book storage space with HLOG, you can be sure that your products will be stored efficiently and professionally. Our customized services can include packing and repacking, labeling and flow management.

Customs clearance

One of the most important aspects of importing and exporting goods is customs clearance. A good understanding of the procedures in place is necessary to avoid penalties and all the stress that can be associated with a blocked shipment or entry. Customs regulations in Dubai have many specificities regarding the type of products allowed, procedures and declarations.

At HLOG, we understand that it’s not always easy for companies to manage customs procedures on top of their many other responsibilities. That’s why we have made customs clearance an integral part of our logistics services. Our transportation experts (by air, land and ocean) provide professional assistance for customs declarations, document management and any claims you may have.

Our team stays up to date with the latest developments in customs regulations and procedures, saving you significant time on both import and export.

Specialized logistics services

We offer specialized logistics services for specific industries with unique requirements. Companies that need to transport chemicals, food products, high-tech equipment or very heavy machinery in Dubai can count on us to help them do so efficiently. Over the years, we have developed innovative logistics solutions to meet your specific needs with ease. From initial planning to delivery, our experts will ensure that the unique challenges of your project are seamlessly met.

Just contact us and let us know your needs. Our experts will come up with the best, durable, and cost-efficient logistics solution for you.

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