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Mastering customs services is essential for any company involved in international trade. However, this is not always easy, as the procedures can be complex, time-consuming and stressful for those who are not familiar with them. To assist you and to ensure that your business in Dubai runs smoothly, HLOG offers its experience in customs services and global trade management. Trust us to take care of all your customs formalities.

A trusted partner for all your customs requirements in Dubai

Dubai Customs is one of the institutions that help make the emirate a safe environment for international trade. It is at the forefront of the fight against the smuggling of prohibited substances and goods into and out of the country. It also enforces the government’s policies on customs and taxes.

If you are an international trader in Dubai, you need a partner you can trust to help you with all your import/export formalities with this institution: declarations, payment of duties, claims… Import/export formalities follow a strict procedure that all those who deal with customs services must master in order to trade smoothly.

HLOG has many years of experience in global trade management, international transport (import/export) and customs declarations. We have a thorough understanding of all the procedures and restrictions involved in transporting and clearing goods in the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular. Whether you’re looking for one-off assistance in exporting products or real expertise in international logistics to optimize your supply or transportation chains, we’re here to help.

Hassle-free exporting goods from Dubai to international markets

To export goods, you must obtain a permit from Dubai Customs. This requires you to provide some documents and complete a specific formalities with the relevant authorities. An error or omission in this process can cost you time and extend your international delivery times. For a stress-free and extremely fast export customs clearance experience, you can rely on HLOG. Our team of global trade management and customs brokerage specialists in Dubai can handle not only the customs clearance, but also the transportation of the goods to their destination. We ensure that the file is complete and that all official information required by Customs is included.

We work with you to provide an excellent shopping experience for your international customers.

Importing goods to Dubai without customs complications

The importation of goods into Dubai is strictly regulated. There are specific regulations regarding the types of products allowed, the legal procedures and the companies authorized to handle such exchanges. Failure to comply can result in fines, bans and a significant loss of time.

HLOG has been helping its customers with import customs declarations for many decades. In addition to handling the transportation of your raw materials or goods to Dubai, we also take care of all the necessary formalities and tax payments. The main aspects that our experts focus on are the value of the goods, their classification, their origin… Thanks to our teams’ proactive approach to optimizing your supply chain, you can focus on the quality of the products and services you offer your customers.

With HLOG, you benefit from the expertise of a single, reliable contact for all your import/export shipments to Dubai.

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Get the best logistics support for your international trade

Optimizing the supply chain is a major challenge for any company that values customer satisfaction and wants to remain competitive. It’s even more important when suppliers and customers are international and located in different countries. To help you manage this critical business process, HLOG offers decades of logistics expertise. Our global trade management solutions are tailored to your needs and your international trade.

Air, sea and road transport to meet your global trade needs

HLOG’s logistics services are designed to facilitate and accelerate exchanges between any company and its international customers or suppliers. To achieve this, we offer a choice of air, sea or road transportation for your goods.

Air freight is the fastest and most popular solution for our clients with time constraints. It can be used to import or export large quantities of goods. Its reliability and speed of delivery make up for its relatively high cost. Sea freight is the classic solution. It’s not as fast as air freight, but affordable for most professionals. It’s ideal for moving large quantities of goods across multiple continents and accessible by land. Whether you have 50, 150 or 200 containers to export or import, we have the ocean freight solution that best suits your needs. Trucking is more suitable for moving goods within the same area or to a nearby location. It’s cost-effective and affordable for companies of all sizes.

Our import/export logistics services in Dubai systematically include tracking and tracing. Our clients are informed in real time about the progress of their cargo thanks to a geolocation tool.

Fast turnaround global trade management solutions to keep your business running

At HLOG, we understand that every second is a precious resource for you, your suppliers and your customers. That is why our transportation and international trade management services are designed for maximum speed. Everything is done to ensure that administrative procedures are completed quickly so as not to affect your delivery times. A dynamic team follows your shipment from departure in Dubai to arrival in the destination country. The team’s goal is to eliminate any risk of loss or disappointment related to customs formalities.

HLOG provides global trade management and logistics solutions in Dubai to companies in all sectors. Whether you’re in the industrial, artistic or purely commercial sectors, trust us with your logistics needs.

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